huayo convector

Floor Trench Heating is a heating system that eliminates the need for a standard radiator in the wall. A trench is dug into the floor and a simple “convector” is connected to the heating system, complete with a key design feature – a grille. Because the system uses natural floor convector to heat the entire room from floor to ceiling, it can be designed to provide heat anywhere in the room where it is needed.

How does Floor Trench Heating work?

The size of the trench determines the amount of heat ,that may be generated by this form of heating system. The width and depth of the trench ,determines the size of the heating elements it contains and the amount of cool air that can be drawn through the grille, heated and then naturally convected back into the room. By installing a simple and subtle fan system in the trench, greater airflow and therefore heat can be obtained.

Floor Trench Heating is most often installed around the perimeter of a room, and the heating grille can be installed in a location of the customer’s choice. In some cases, it can also be installed upstairs, and because the design of the system can be customized to each customer’s preferences, the features of the room – such as a convex window – will not pose a problem in terms of installation.

What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating offers a number of advantages over conventional heating systems. Radiator-centered systems are particularly efficient because of the use of “low water” high heat output heating elements. When used in conjunction with ground source and air source heat pump systems, the minimum amount of water that needs to be heated proves to be very effective.

Trench heating customers also found that their rooms were also heated evenly, thereby eliminating drafts and cold spots.

Health benefits

Floor Trench heating is particularly suitable for homes where one or more residents suffer from asthma or other types of allergies. Compared to radiators, trench heating creates less air turbulence. This reduces the amount of allergens and dust particles found in the air, creating a cleaner environment. Floor Trench Heating has proven to have no condensation problems, making it ideal for use in conservatories or properties with floor-to-ceiling windows. Modern properties that may have this style of window are more likely to have Floor Trench Heating than older properties.

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