huayo convector

In a convector radiator, the hot water is circulated through a tube, surrounded by small fins. These fins act to increase the contact surface with the surrounding air.
As with a regular radiator, the hot air rises up and attracts cooler air to the appliance. In some types, a ventilator can act to accelerate this process.
A convector radiator chiefly delivers heat through convective heat.


What does the floor convector consist of?

The heart of the floor convector is a heat exchanger, which is a copper pipe with aluminum finning over which water circulates, in this case a heat carrier. It is very important to pay attention to the quality of the connecting elements. The heat exchanger should look solid and confident. The thickness of the material used is also important. Heat exchangers received a high evaluation of quality.

The floor convector box is made of galvanized steel ,the whole structure is covered with a decorative grill ,And the decorative grill can withstand a person’s weight of 120 kg.

The floor convector is mounted in the floor, usually along the high glazing, where there is no possibility to install a radiator.

Underfloor convectors are of two types:

· With fan.

· Without fan.

Under floor convectors without fan

More often used for apartments, rooms of a small area as both a main or an additional source of heat.
Under floor convectors of this type have a fairly simple scheme of operation. A galvanized steel box is fitted with a heat exchanger, which is a heating element. There is no fan, which means that the air movement is natural: cold air from the panoramic window is lowered, heated and rises.

Under floor convectors with fan

This system differs from the previous one only by the presence of a fan. It has the same design –  a box and a heat exchanger, along the heat exchanger there is a tangential fan, which operates from 24 Volts, which means economical consumption of electricity in operation. Also we want to note that the fans have a low noise level, which is undoubtedly important for the customer in choosing. The work of the convector is set and controlled with forced convection by a room thermostat. Fans force air into the heat exchanger and the convection rate, which means that the heat output, in comparison with the natural one, increases by several tens of times. This is a key argument in favor of buying convector for premises with large areas and panoramic windows.

Installation of floor convectors

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