Natural Floor Convector

Product features:

  • new generation natural trench heaters
  • no compromised thermal outputs
  • health and safety met
  • highly energy efficient heat exchanger

Basic sizes:

  • Trench height: 110, 130 mm
  • Trench width: 200, 280 mm
  • Trench length : 1250~2750 mm

Non-standard (NS) length heaters can be made on order.



Ground recessed surround-line convector of natural convection type is a convector composed by having radiator element placed in floor groove and assembled with many fittings. It is commonly mounted in coordination with large glass facade or French window in a building.This product can not only realize the heating purpose,but also solve the appearance problem of exposed convector, realizing unification in appearance and function.

Characteristics of the Natural Floor Convector

1)Underfloor heating

2)The water heater aluminum heating radiator can be installed independently or continuous arrangement for better appearance

3)With copper tube aluminium fin as heat exchanger

4) Both 1.0Mpa or higher working presssure available

Installed on site

Effect after installation

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