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About HUAYO Manufacturer

Huayo is a progressive and fast growing specialist in the design and manufacture of trench and floor heating and cooling convectors. Based in the China, Huayo supplies heating and cooling solutions for commercial and domestic applications throughout Asian and Europe. Huayo’s facility is equipped with world class, high precision production equipment capable of accommodating a wide range of trench heater geometries across the product ranges, and fast switching between product lines.

Professional team

The Huayo team has been designing and manufacturing space heating products for over 20 years. We continually follow new and emerging technologies and incorporate those that best enhance our product ranges. This approach ensures we constantly provide our customers with world leading heating and cooling solutions.

Quality and reliability

Quality and reliability are the two main performance criteria that our customers value over any other. Our ability to consistently deliver on these key drivers has underpinned the growth of our business. Starting with carefully sourced materials, each product follows a rigorously controlled manufacturing process involving highly skilled engineers. The Huayo product portfolio has been approved by the European certification authorities and North American certification.

Why Choose HUAYO

Instant Response

We are ready to receive your inquiries online 7*24h.

Bulk Shipping

Bulk goods are transported by sea at a low cost usually.

Quick Shipping

If hurry, we can also send it to you by air at an extra cost.

Quality Control

We have a 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.


Our corn mills are designed to protect you from all aspects


Our materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

OEM Available

We support OEM for corn mill machines.

Global Support

contact us 24×7 to solve all your after-sales problems.


Rest assured that with the highest quality Trench and floor heating & cooling convectors, combined with our expert customer service team, Huayo Manufactur has all your equipment needs covered when it comes to floor convector.

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