huayo convector

Can you imagine the unique curves of each floor of this stunning building bringing more dreams of more sunlight to the people working and relaxing in Broadgate Circle?

The building itself is energy efficient, water efficient, waste reducing and eco-friendly.

And …… we are proud to say that its stunning all-glass curtain wall is almost completely equipped with huayo Trench heaters.

This central location in the heart of Shanghai is very accessible and meltingly central to commuters, including 15 subway lines, trains, and buses.

The building offers 660 bike spaces, full height lockers, showers, step-free paths and dual entrances for easy access, all for the comfort and convenience of bike commuters and fresh air enthusiasts.

The building includes 433,000 square feet of bright and airy offices, and the building will house 90,000 square feet of new stores, brands and boutiques on three floors.

The exterior all-glass curtain wall serves as the host for the energy-efficient trench heaters.

Outer fully glazed facades became a host for energy efficient trench heating units type trench heater FTLDQQ.

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