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Standard Floor Convector Units

Trench Heaters and Underfloor Convector Reference Projects

Trench heaters heat the building of the Oriental Financial Center in Shanghai / China

Forced Trench heaters in the Building of the Vanke Emerald Academy in Beijing / China

Heating & Cooling Floor Convector at the Technology Museum in Liaoning / China

You Would Benefit From Versatile, Discrete, Low Installation Water Temperature Convection Heating.

Ground recessed surround-line convector of natural convection type
is a convector composed by having radiator element placed in floor
groove and assembled with many fittings. It is commonly mounted
in coordination with large glass facade or French window in a
building.This product can not only realize the heating purpose but
also solve the appearance problem of exposed convector, realizing
unification in appearance and function. This convector can be laid in
units or continuously.Versatile, ‘built in floor’, heating only products that offer multi-purpose combination of space heating and compensating cold downdraught from full glazed facades.

Ground recessed surround-line convector of forced convection
type is a new product composed by adding a cross flow fan onto
the ground recessed surround-line convector of natural convection
type. It can get finite radiator element in floor groove output higher
heat in low-noise operation environment and further reaching
the requirement for heating. This convector can be laid in units or

Heating & Cooling Floor Convector

Ground recessed surround-line convector of Cooling and heating
type is a convector mounted in floor groove in a hidden way. Cold/warm air is distributed along the full glazed facades to cope with the cold downdraught in the winter or sunshine overheat during summertime.It can provide building with filtrated, heated or cooled air in a hidden way, can meet the basic requirement for heating and cooling and can also perfectly match with the building environment,realizing unification in space, aesthetics and practical function.

Electric Trench Heater

The electric heating type ground convection unit is hidden installed
under the floor, using high quality PTC ceramic heating elements,
small thermal resistance, high heat exchange efficiency, and save
the water system investment and installation space, the system is
simple, easy to maintain. Products can be arranged in units and


Trench Heating For

  • Offices
  • Appartaments
  • Hotels
  • Sports Facility Building
  • Churches and Monument Building
  • Municipal and commercial buildings
  • Villas and private houses
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