huayo convector

Huayo is a progressive and fast growing specialist in the design and manufacture of trench and floor heaters.Based in the China, Huayo supplies heating and cooling solutions for commercial and domestic applications throughout Asian and Europe. Huayo’s facility is equipped with world class, high precision production equipment capable of accommodating a wide range of trench heater geometries across the product ranges, and fast switching between product lines.

We have more high precision machines for floor and trench heaters.

There are professional spraying lines to meet the different color requirements of customers.

High heat dissipation materials and high speed and low noise fans are used to reduce energy loss.

Assembly of the floor and tranch heaters

Packaging for the floor and trench heaters

As a professional manufacturer of floor and trench heaters,for more than 20 years, we have a strict inspection process for quality and experimental testing. Ultimately, to make our customers all over the world satisfied and approve of our products is the original intention and goal of our ultimate founding company.

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