Electric Trench Heater

Product features:

  • new generation electric trench heaters
  • no compromised thermal outputs
  • health and safety met
  • highly energy efficient heat exchanger

Basic sizes:

  • Trench height: 112 mm
  • Trench width:  207 mm
  • Trench length : 1250~2750 mm

Non-standard (NS) length heaters can be made on order.



The Electric Trench Heater ground convection unit is hidden installed under the floor, using high quality PTC ceramic heating elements, small thermal resistance, high heat exchange efficiency, and save the water system investment and installation space, the system is simple, easy to maintain. Products can be arranged in units and

Unlike the water convector where the sytem requiers hot water connection, the main source of power is an electricuty.
The electric convector consists of a heater spiral and a fan.
Convector height is 112 mm, width 207 mm, length from 1250 to 2750 mm, 220 V/50 Hz mains connection.

The room heating is regulated by a thermostat, the heating spiral has overheating protection.
The electric model has only one fan rotation speed.  If there is not enough power to heat the room with the hot water convectors, then the ideal solution is an electric convector.
For electrical floor convectors we only use decorative aluminum or stainless steel grilles for safety reasons and compliance with all safety standards.

Construction of the Electric Trench Heater

Effect after installation

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